Being More Environmentally Conscious

Josh Spry

Welcome! Habit change can help you feel more in control of your life, less anxious about the future, and healthier as you go about your day.  By signing up for our 30 Tips in 30 Days program, you’re taking the first step in changing your habits for the better.

Keep reading for a quick intro on what to expect in the next 30 days, how small daily nudges will help, and what you can do today to start your journey.

What to expect

Every day, you’ll receive a text message from us at 7:00 am Pacific time. That text will have an exercise to do, tip to try, or story to inspire. Here’s what we ask:

  1. Pick a time in your day you can spend five minutes with that text. It doesn’t have to be when you get it, but make it habitual. For example, every morning after you brush your teeth, you’ll sit down at your kitchen table with this text message.
  2. Sometimes we’ll ask you to write something down. You don’t have to write in a journal, but some kind of pen and paper—even the back of an envelope—will be useful. Humans process things differently when we write vs. if we just say something out loud or read it.
  3. You don’t have to like every tip! It’s ok if something doesn’t resonate with you. Let us know in the surveys you’ll receive each week so we can adjust. Your habit journey is unique to you, so not every tip will apply or be right for your situation.

How a daily text will help

Changing a habit starts with small steps. On average, people report having 5.8 bad habits— things like not cleaning up the kitchen, not getting to bed on time, or snacking before bed. These habits build up slowly over years and they’re difficult to change suddenly.

30 Tips in 30 Days is about using small nudges to slowly reset those habits. It's like lots of little tugboats pushing a cruise ship. Habit science shows that it takes long periods of repeating a habit to make it automatic. By sending you a text in the morning, when you have the most will power, we’re helping you perform the actions every day that can eventually change that habit.

Getting Started

We bet you’re eager to get started. For today, sit down and write reflections to these questions.

  1. Why do you want to be more environmentally friendly? What will be rewarding about taking better care of the planet? (For example, many people say "The feeling of doing something good" or "Having a more healthy home.")
  2. What’s one environmentally friendly thing you can do today? Even something small, like set up a recycle bin in the kitchen or bathroom.
  3. What is your goal during the 30 days? Some people might say they want to do one environmentally friendly thing each day and note it on their calendar. Others might commit to eliminating one type of waste, like to-go coffee cups.
  4. Changing habits is always easier with support. Consider asking someone you’re comfortable with to join you during these 30 days.

Thank you for taking this first step. We’re excited to help you on your journey! See you tomorrow!