Headshot of Remadely's Founder Josh Spry
Headshot of Remadely's Founder Josh Spry

Our Journey

We are habit pilgrims

We are people seeking our best lives through the habits we build. In our own lives, we work to drink less, sleep more, pray every morning, read before bed, write every day, eat less red meat, and call our mothers more often.

But we also have day jobs

We’re also a team of product managers, UX designers, content creators, researchers, and one recovering accountant working from across the U.S. to build Remadely. We bring together our professional skills to make habit change easier for everyone. 

We have a “leader”

Josh (recovering accountant) was eating lunch one day when he reflected about how healthy he felt after giving up alcohol. He wanted that same feeling when it came to social media. After reading some habit books, he thought, “Couldn’t this be easier?” Remadely is his idea to make habit change easier and more accessible to everyone.

We’re more led by our values

  • We start from compassion. Everyone comes into a habit journey from different places with different capabilities. Our role isn’t to judge how you got here. Our role is to offer compassionate help no matter what journey you’re on.
  • We value self-determination. We’re here to help you become the best you, not the best someone else. We will help you chart your own path and choose the habit curriculum you’re ready for. 
  • We understand many paths. Our customers are unique. We reflect that diversity in the way we build products, who we collaborate with, and stories we understand in our own journey.
  • We seek and tell the truth. We prioritize science and data in building our products and are hesitant to do things that just ‘sound right.’  
  • We change lives. Our first goal is to change people’s lives with better habits. We measure that goal directly and don't assume that engagement or profits are always equal to helping people.


We’re on a mission

On average, people spend 48% of their waking hours performing a habit, and think they have 5.8 bad habits. We are on a mission to change people’s lives by helping anyone check, change, and celebrate healthy habits.

So if you can help, say hello!

Want to get in touch? We love feedback, ideas, introductions, and Los Angeles vegan food recommendations. Feel free to shoot us an email at hello@remadely.com.